• Product Illustration
    Created for Young and Rubicam for Carriba Rum
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  • Children's Book Illustration
    Paper Stained Glass, Klutz / Scholastic Books
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  • Magazine Illustration
    Illustrated for Brookside Monthly Magazine
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  • Whimsical Pottery
    A sample of some of my handmade ceramic plates
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  • Altered Books
    Edgy mixed media in Altered Book Design.
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  • Visual Journal
    Mixed Media Journal Spread, Collage, Painting
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Cindy Couling – Mixed Media Artist, IllustratorArt_Brain_Couling_Self_Portrait

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Final set of ceramic clay matroyoska dolls painted by CIndy Couling.

‘What if’s’ during the ceramic firing process – Pages 08/14/13

Opening the kiln is just like Christmas morning. It’s always a surprise, (and sometimes can also be a little disappointing.). It’s the anticipation. It often takes an entire day for the kiln to fire to temperature and then another day for it to cool down until it’s safe to open it. I always have to […]

Matroyoska Ceramic Doll Couling

Matroyoska Ceramic Doll Set – Pages 08/07/14

I’ve been working on a set of ceramic Matroyoska dolls. Note to self, you must learn how to spell it properly and remember the name before you start blogging about it. Really, I’ve had a hard time remembering the name of the dolls and it’s embarrassing. I am not even sure I have it right […]


Mixed Media Art Jewelry – Pages 03/01/14

Here are the final Anti-Valentine’s Day Swap charms from the swap I participated in. Everyone came up with some super rad charms! One of the girls made these cool charm holders. I am very pleased with how it all came out.


Coloring Book Sketches – Pages 02/14/14

All this talk about bad weather everywhere. I think we need a little sunshine to get us through.


Anti Valentines Day Charms – Pages 02/08/14

Anti Valentine’s Day Charms Well, it’s been awhile. Here are a couple things I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. Top are some Anti-Valentine mixed media Charms I made for a swap. I picked up the metal charms from  eBay and made the hearts from air dry clay.  I then wrapped wire around […]


Pages 08/08/13

I’ve been posting a few things on Etsy lately. If you are interested, check them out. Loteria Charm Bracelet