Artist Trading Cards – Mixed Media

About these Cards

Artist Trading Cards are an awesome way to try out different techniques and go crazy. Basically there are no rules or limitations to what type of mixed media you can do on the surface. Oh wait, the ONLY limitation is the size! ATCs must be 2.5″ X 3.5 inches wide (the same size as sports trading cards).  ATCs must only be traded. Origins of this wildly popular art trend come out of the mail art movement originating in Switzerland. Anything goes with Artist Trading Cards, the combinations are limitless.

This gallery above are some of the Artist Trading Cards I’ve created over the years. I’ve made hundreds of ATCs. Most of these I’ve traded with other artists via art groups on the internet. I use a variety of media, mostly paint, collage and found objects. I almost always design a back side on my cards. I feel a fully designed back really finishes off the art piece as a whole.