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Pages 4/28/12

Here are the test prints colorized with Prismacolor Markers. It’s pretty cool testing out different color palettes. With the stamps, you can print alot, play alot and not worry about screwing something up. It helps push you outside of your color comfort zone. These are alos ATC size, so I can make these tests into […]


Pages 3/26/12

I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve been doing with those linoleum block stamps I’ve been carving over the past couple of weeks. Once you carve and stamp one of these, the options are endless. I played around with portfolio pastels, craft paints, sakura pens, and sharpie poster paint pens. In […]


Pages 07/26/08

I did a quick lino carving in ATC size last weekend. I printed these with a Staze-on ink pad, let them dry and then went back in and hand colored with some bright Windsor watercolors. Here’s a little more about block printing, (although these were produced with a simple ink pad).