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Pages 10/07/09

These are my ceramic pendants finally packaged. I am really pleased with the final overall packaging. I ended up making my own packaging backing and painted them and cut them myself. I think I still might stamp the outside boxes to add even more to the design.


Pages 03/30/09

I bought these bisque pendants for another project. My original idea did not work out. I’d planned to collage on the surface and it just was not working. Sooooo, after having them hang around my studio for over 2 years, I decided to paint them with ceramic glaze and make painted pendants. (What they were […]


Pages 02/16/08

Just working on restocking my etsy store while my hubby does some upgrade work at my office today. I did these pendants awhile ago, and not sure why I haven’t listed them yet. (Most likely because it’s work to list and I procrastinate.) Anyway, the moon pendant on the right was made the same way […]