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A Way to Use Old Christmas Cards in Your Artwork
I recently took down a stack of Christmas cards. There are so many neat papers, foils and textures on the cards I hate to throw them away. Every year I go through each card and trim off the prettiest parts of the cards and throw them into a lunchbox I keep of scraps. Last night I made some ATCs with some of the scraps.

I discovered that I could take long strips of paper, glue them on and stack them on top of each other to make a really nice layered background. It didn’t matter if they were even straight, in fact it looks better if it’s NOT straight.

All the cards above are made from Christmas cards. I used the same image of the woman on each of the cards to practice this technique.

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    • Zura
    • January 16, 2010

    Love this idea. My cards are still displayed because I couldn’t bear to throw them away, but had no ideas on how to use them. Thanks so much!

  1. i love this idea – they look gorgeous!!

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