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Hi everyone, I must apologize for not being around over the past few weeks. Work got crazy busy for me and I wasn’t able to do much art! I have a couple swaps I am involved in so I am posting one of the collages I made for Alerted Art Obsession Yahoo Group 5X5 Hearts swap. We are making 10 5X5 squares with a ‘hearts’ theme. Once we send in our hearts, we will be mounting them into a display. Once I get my swaps back I’ll post some of the results. Mine is made up of a panted background which has been stamped with hand carved stamps, collaged, and then individually painted. I masked off the bottom and painted the stripes. I finished the edges with rubber stamp pads.
I’m not sure I am done though. I may add some other feature, like some sort of text treatment or an eyelet with some danglies. I am ambivilent about adding any hanging elements though since we are going to be mounting these. Hmm.
Featured left (click to enlarge) is another approach to the Hearts 5X5 collage by AAO member Teri Velazquez. I like the different texture treatments she did. All the hearts are similar, but the treatment is very different.
The swap hostess, Tejae Floyde, has posted some info about the process she used for her hearts collages. I thought the technique she did for the background was very interesting. Check it out!
By the way, the Altered Art Obsession Yahoo Group is once again open for membership. If you are interested in joining, stop by. The group is juried and you must provide images of your work and requires filling out a questionnaire. It’s one of the best groups I have belonged to with very quality swaps. If you make high quality work, and want high quality work in return, I suggest you apply.

Update: Above, a picture showing all the participants of the swap.

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  1. Hi Cindy!
    Great site! I finally ‘know’ who Lunagraphica is! I like how you laid out the 5×5 hearts….can I steal it to post to my site with a link back to yours? My book photos don’t show off the individual ones like this does.

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