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Last night I made some bookmarks out of trimmings I had leftover from various projects. I am terrible about throwing anything away, especially perfectly lovely painted trimmings. I also had some vintage faces leftover from the Hearts 5X5 collages I wanted to use up. First, I started by applying some white gesso to a hand carved stamp and stamping directly onto the paper. I like to stamp on an old magazine. I stamp my artwork and let the overflow paint go directly onto the magazine page. Then I just turn the page and stamp the next one on the new page. It saves alot of mess, and I can work my way through an entire magazine without having to throw away wet scrap or newspaper. I let it dry and apply my faces and whatever other papers I want to use in my collage. I punched a hole at the top of the bookmark and then used the punched piece as a button. Next, I paint all the hair. I let it dry really well and then draw on the swirly lines with a gel pen. To finish up I tied on some cool fibers I got at Michaels last weekend. ($2 for a spool of coolness!)

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  1. So cool! I want one!

  2. Hey – give me your new address and I am happy to send you one! 😉

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