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I am taking an online course with one of my favorite artists, Traci Bautista, author of Collage Unleashed. This is week one and the first exercise. (There are several exercises which I’ve not completed yet.) Week one is all about ideas and inspiration. The idea was to chill out and randomly write our thoughts on the page with various pens and marking tools. I was really surprised at some of the things that came out. It was also very ‘freeing’ to draw without a plan. So far I am enjoying the workshop. It’s also really nice to set aside some time for myself to learn new techniques.

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  1. Hi there, LOve your blog!
    Could you please tell me what sort of pen you have used to do the white text on your tracia batista class piece.
    Thanks Heaps
    Di McDonald

  2. Sure thing – it’s a white out pen. Just a cheapo one from the office supply store. I think the brand is PRESTO, but any type of correction pen works well!

  3. This is lovely Cindy… are so talented!

    Love, Violette

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