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Wow, I actually have blogged quite a bit this week. I think taking the online workshop has been helping me loosen up and get back into making art.

This is the 2nd exercise in Traci Bautista’s workshop. We were supposed to look for imagery that had patterns or shapes and try to create our own designs from them. Traci suggested taking digital photos, but since I am chained to my office chair, I had to settle for magazines.

I liked this jewelry I found, and thought it really worked with the style of doodling I like to do. I pretty much just abstracted the shapes, and took some artistic freedom to make it my own. Interesting exercise. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I can really see how this can be useful if you’re stuck in the rut of drawing the same thing all the time. (Like me! lol)

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  1. Love your drawings and love that concept of taking something existing and altering it to look completely different in a drawing. It also looks very Zetti!
    ps Thanks for the kind words on my work.

    Lori Nowak

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