Pages 02/12/13

Like to see my work in progress?
Come over to FaceBook and say hi:

I took a lengthy leave from my blog. Life and work have been busy and I’ve learned I just can’t do it all. I am pretty active on FaceBook and I am starting to wonder if a blog is even necessary now. Ahh, we shall see. 😉 If any of you are on FaceBook, I’d love to have you come over and like the page. I post almost daily and you can see work in progress.

Anyway! Here’s some ‘stuff’ I’ve been working on lately. I’m into finishing projects that have been on hold up, as well as trying to use supplies I’ve stashed to use later. I’m trying to use more before I buy more. It’s also been fun checking drawers and saying ‘Woah, I had no idea I had these.’ lol.

Say hello. Let me know you’re out there and still interested in seeing some art.