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I got pretty behind with my Traci Bautista workshop this week because of work. Today I buckled down and spent a bit of time going through the exercises. Most of the exercises were about spilling out your random thoughts using a variety of different mediums. I used Sharpie paint pens, gel pens, highlighters, markers, white out pens. I found it really fun to randomly write words and didn’t stress out while doing them. I recommend trying something like this. Take out a blank sheet of paper and start randomly scribbling the thoughts in your head. Then mess around with different pans and see what happens. Try using a bunch of pens you’d normally not draw with, like a highlighter. Just when you think you are done, push it again and add more color or line work.

The painting above I started with a really dark blue background and swirled in some lighter blues. The exercise was to write with a white out pen. I also used gel pens and a sharpie pint pen for the blacks. This one is my ode to the blank page. 😉

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  1. Cindy, these are really really cool! Does Traci’s class teach you how to do that lettering? you have done a wonderful piece… LOVE the blue background one!

  2. Not really … we are encouraged to just WRITE and spill thoughts … and that’s just my handwriting. But she gives examples to follow, so you can incorporate her techniques. Mostly we are working through techniques from the collage unleashed book.

    She has a ‘Creative Type’ workshop as well, which I am not in, but I think focuses on developing your own alphabets.

  3. Yes, I recognize your beautiful handwriting by now. I like these exercises, thanks for sharing!

    I often think of you when looking at my Google Analytics (views coming to my blog). I get quite a few from the link you have on your side bar. Thank you, my friend!!

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