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St Patrick’s Day Matchbox Swap – This was the matchbox I made for a swap hosted on Swap-Bot. I had fun with it. I found a bunck of St. Patrick’s Day swag at Michaels and made a zipper pull with a four leaf clover on it.
If you haven’t made it over to Swap-Bot, I highly recommend it. The owners are making the site better and better for the user. In the past I’ve had trouble with not getting swaps back, but now the better swappers are making swaps JUST for people with long standing reputations. The community aspect is growing. There are alot of Matchbox Swaps, and there’s a huge group of matchbox artists there. Swaps are available for almost ANYTHING, from candy swaps, to music swaps … they have something for everyone.

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  1. OMGosh! I love this little match box — and your blog/artwork is beautiful 🙂

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