Pages 04/05/09

These are some pages I made for a swap I am in. The theme is ‘Odd Girls’. The bases were made in Photoshop and then printed on a laser printer. Then I altered them by painting in the hair, adding collage pieces, stamping and drawing and adding some fibers. I find it’s a good way to save alot of time when there are alot of pieces to make. By making the bases in Photoshop, I saved alot of time and I was able to make the 23 pages fairly quickly while still making each page unique with stamping and painting..

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  1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. You asked a question about if my Harajuku Girls ATCs were hand-painted or not. So I’ll answer it here 🙂
    Those beauties are all hand drawn and coloured with Prismacolour pencils, Sharpies and Sakura pens for embellishment. I really enjoyed making those, they were so colourful and vibrant. I’m going to miss them, but good thing I got scans of them!

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