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Wow, where did the time go? I’ve been up to my ears in work drama and not much time to be creative or to blog. Apologies to my readers (if there are any readers. lol.) Hopefully I will be back at it. I have several swaps in the works and several new projects.

I got a chance to work on my first set of ‘inchies‘. So, what’s an inchie? It’s a 1″ X 1″ collage. When i signed up, I thought – cool – I can make some of those in NO time. Boy, was wrong. Working small is a huge challenge. Finding small items to add to the collage was tough, and making something tell a story in a one inch space was equally tough. The theme was ‘Circus, or Circus Freaks’. Check mine out. I found and resized a bunch of vintage images in photoshop, printed them on to heavyweight watercolor paper. I’ve added various ephemera items, beads, charms, glitter, vintage German scrap.

Not sure I will do another batch of inchies or sign up for another inchie swap, because honestly … I have no idea what I am going to do with them. lol. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. There’s at least one reader. (waving)

  2. Here’s another one! *waves too*

    I’ve seen some inchie art where it was 100 inchies slightly spaced apart on a complimentary background color and then framed. Looks just incredible and I’m sure yours would be no different. I love the theme you chose for yours and I think they came out wonderfully.

    Of course, there’s always trading them with other inchie people *wink*

  3. me too, here’s another reader! i think they are fab! and i definately think they need to travel north…yes, the circus is winding its way to canada…yea, yea 🙂

  4. See…you hav readers…. I am number four (or five) I like the new work. Was your life an emotional circus for the past few weeks?

    Samantha Rochard

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