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Well, I’m still messing around with charm bracelets but the reaction has been pretty underwhelming to say the least. Everyone seems to be making them right now, and that’s cool. It’s really ‘craft of the week’ right now. I’m not one to follow the current trends, so I’ve tried to make them a little unusual. Also, it’s been alot of fun to actually *use* beautiful beads or trinkets I’ve been hoarding over the years. My wiring skills are definitely getting better and I think jewelry making is becoming a medium I like more and more.

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  1. Ummmmmmm… will you be putting any more of these up on ebay?

    I will probably be in town sometime between now and the middle of June, so I can just pick it up then… save you some shipping costs!

    (does it mean I’m getting really old when I can hardly read the “word verification” thingie!?)

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