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These are photos of my journal I made at the workshop I took with Teesha and Tracy Moore a A Work of Heart in San Jose. It was a great workshop. Teesha is a great teacher willing to share all her techniques an journaling secrets. She is extremely passionate about journaling. I found myself really overwhelmed with emotion as she spoke abut how important it is to her to teach journaling. She also encouraged students to take what they’ve learned in her class, and teach it themselves. Pretty cool.
Teesha brought a stack of her journals for us to look through. It was amazing to see them up close and personal. I honestly thought they would be BIGGER. *lol* Sounds goofy, I know. The journals were an 8X10 size. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t disappointed in the least. I just expected the journals to be larger. 😉

Here are a few of the new techniques and tools I learned about. 1. Sharpie Poster Paint Pens in different sizes in funky fluorescent colors. These pens will write on anything! I wrote over pastels and thick collage. Get them soon, as they are being discontinued! 2. Portfolio Series Pastels. An inexpensive water soluble pastel which is awesome for creating dreamy, smooth backgrounds. I like to use colored pencil for this type of thing, but fell in love with this technique. 3. Copic Markers with airbrush attached. Tracy taught us how to airbrush with these pens with a simple attachment with wonderful results. He provided dozens of stencils to try, and was very generous with letting us play with all the pens.

Overall, this was an awesome experience and I learned a lot. It was great to meet the Moore’s.

See all my workshop photos here.

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  1. This is really gorgeous!!
    Well done.

  2. What an awesome project… so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This journal is fabulous! Wonderful use of colors too! I so wish I knew about that class with Teesha and Tracy, especially since I live in the area. Boo.

    Anyway, stopped by after finding you on Creative Souls, I just love your art.

  4. great blog! i stumbled upon it thru the facebook art journal group. i love your journal pages. so rich and vivid. i was at this same workshop, too! (i was the lady with the newborn!) i love your visual journal cards, too. i can’t believe they are
    ATC sized! so full of detail and color. 🙂

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