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I bought these cool little mini flip-top pendant frames from ARTChix Studio.

The size of the frame is approximately .5 H X .25 W. They were super easy to make. I picked out some artwork, sized it in Photoshop and printed out some quality copies onto heavyweight watercolor paper. Each of the frames pop open and there are two acrylic pieces that you sandwich the artwork between. I slid the image between the acrylic and closed the top. I noticed the tops flipped open really easily, which would not be good if you were wearing them, so I put a tiny dab of superglue on to hold them in place. I attached a sterling silver shepard’s hook to the top – and that was it! Two pairs of super cool earrings without much work. This is a really good, quick gift for someone and fairly inexpensive to make.

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  1. very cool!

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