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It’s been awhile since I’ve painted in large format. I ordered some pretty nifty Sharpie acrylic paint pens with a wide nib from Mister Art. I was pretty dubious. It worked really well on the canvas and the nib and paint held up almost until the end of my line work. It started choking right at the end and I had to go over the last bit twice to get nice coverage. Now that the painting is all drawn, I am working on adding color. The size of the painting is about 4’X4′. (The other photo is the whole painting before the color was added. Taken on my lousy camera phone.) It’s pretty cool to see the artwork I’ve been doing so small (4″X4″) translate into large format. It’s pretty trippy.

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  1. Wow! I love your bright colors and all your swirly details. This is a gorgeous piece.

    Very nice.

  2. Your art is so cool in the little format, I can only imagine how cool it is huge!! By the way, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE my necklaces I bought from you – they’re worn all the time!

  3. i love this!!! have you decided where you are going to sell it? 😉

  4. Stacey – not sure if I will part with it … lol. I’m getting into working larger, so I may do some more if I can get my lazy butt in gear. 😉

    THanks all for the nice comments …

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