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I am having one BUMMER of a week, guys. I’ve done nothing creative for myself since the weekend. Ack, wish I could hide under my bed, and skip Friday. Work, is just … a drag this week. My ‘rock’ at work (a co-worker) is sick this week and I’m just so missing her strength and sense of calmness she gives me when dealing with all the wahoo clients we have. Boy, I wish the week was over.

Well, enough whining … no art to post today, so I thought I’d find some ephemera or something ‘collage-y’ to share with you out of my collage stash. Here’s a freebie – a nice fat scan of a game board of a bunch of cards. These are great to add on ATCs, or I print them small and use them in matchbox swaps.

Gosh, can you creative types send me some creative vibes to get me back in the groove? C’mon, I know you can help me … if I have any readers out there (I’m not sure if anybody reads this blog ‘cept my niece and KD), post a link to what *you* are working on this week. I’d love to see. 😉

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  1. oh cindy, i’d love to help you get out of your funk! your work is so amazing, it shouldn’t take too long 😉 i’ve been doing some new jewelry designs using more liver of sulphur. getting back into the antique silver look, less shiny stuff. there something restful about something old, or that appears old. anyway, check out my blog or my etsy account (linked on my blog) to see more of what i’m doing. hang in there girl, your rock will be back and you’ll be back wowing us! cheers, stacey

  2. Cindy:
    I’ve been running around and not doing too much creative myself. But your journaling ATCs have inspired me and I’m ready to start doing them.
    I am working on a series of “Lost Cat” ATCs and having a blast, but only doing 1 or 2 a day, until I have enough to trade.
    Don’t worry. The muse will return. It always does!

  3. Hey there,

    That sucks about “The Rock”. I missed seeing her smiling face last weekend. I can’t possibly send links to what I’m working on lately, as I only work in what Terri used to call “the dark arts” (ads!) and it is all terribly boring. I hope work is better for you this week!


  4. I found the article on you in ATC Quarterly really inspiring and mentioned you on my blog tonight. I’m sure you’ll get your groove back soon. Maybe it’s just taking a sabbatical!

  5. Hey there, sister, I read your blog! And I love it!

    I picked up one of your ATCs via Etsy and I keep it on propped up on my printer tray because I love it too much to stash away.

    I’m sure you know that creativity needs down time to regenerate. I hope you can use your “non-creative” time to take a breather. Genius needs rest! 🙂

  6. Ahh … you guys are the best, man. I’m feeeeling the urge again. lol. Thanks for the support. 🙂

  7. I am just getting back to art… my sabbbatical has been long LOL!

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