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A few weeks ago my pottery guild had an open studios tour which I signed up for. Other members went from place to place to see how others had set up their studios. It was good because it forced me to clean up my enormous mess. (Mind you, some of the boxes on the floor got stacked in the back room, shh.) So, I took some pics to document that a. I *do* have work surfaces where piles if crap normally sit. b. I am able to keep it clean for 3 weeks and counting!

I didn’t take photos of the pottery studio. I think it’s clean too still. Maybe I better quickly take photos of that too before I cram it full of crap again?

This is the front room of our house, which in normal families, we’d have a big unused dining room collecting dust. My husband is pretty awesome. When I first moved in he immediately said, “This should be your studio”. Really? Do you know I’m a pig? Really?

He’s pretty awesome. I love that he accepts that I am a bit of a slob. I try to keep it contained to this room. *angelic smile*

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  1. These photos are great! I don’t think my studio will ever look so organized.

  2. ha! Like I said in the post … I had to clen it up for an event. (Now, it doesn’t look this clean. lol)

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