Pages 10/03/08

This is the page I created for the ‘Blissfully Art Journaling‘ Yahoo Group – ‘All About the Shoes’ chunky book. I made the background using techniques I learned from Karen Gartel’s workshop I took last year. (Check out previous entries which describe her techniques.) I painted and stamped the background using hand-carved stamps. I altered an legs image I found online, enhancing it with paints. I made the skirt from some neato papers my friend Laurie found for me and and glued down metal washers for buttons.
At the bottom, I added a grommett and tied a bunch of fibers and cool ribbons I’d been saving. On my swap pages I also tied on tiny shoe charms. (But I ran out on this page. 😉
Once I have the swap pages back, I’ll post the other artist’s work.