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‘Dia de los Muertos’

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  1. Ooooooo! Spiffy! Very cool…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    In other news… figured out what you’re going to wear yet? LOL

  2. i love this!!! was this on ebay, how did i miss it?! 🙁

  3. Kelly – I totally forgot it was Canadian Thanksgiving. Stacey (below is Canadian too as matter of fact … ) Still haven’t figured out what to wear. Yeah, it’s even worse than figuring out what craft I’m gonna pitch. oy.

  4. Stacey – this is one of a collaboration at Art2. I believe we are going to aution off a print of the collab. Then the individual artists will aution off their indiv piece. Not sure when that’s gonna happen yet. :0)

    Hey – Happy Thanksgiving!!! Kelly says Happy T-giving too. hee hee.

  5. THIS is yet ANOTHER awesome and drool-worthy piece from one of my art-heroes! WOW!

    WHAT A TREAT it is EVERY time she lists another piece!



  6. This piece just jumped off the page for me on the new listings thread the other day.

    So lush and beautiful. Plus the text. WOW.

    Fantastic work – you blog is fantastic too!

  7. Fantastic! I love the eyes and your fonts are just making me swoon. Not to mention the colors! What a wonderful piece.

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