Pages 11/27/10

This is what I am working on today. It’s a love story a client wrote for their husband for their 30th Wedding Anniversary. She wants me to make it look like an illuminated manuscript page. I don’t really *do* calligraphy, but she is ok with just my handwriting. The pencil sketch is ready to be inked and I am praying I don’t have any kind of pen malfunction, or BRAIN malfunction when I go to redo the lettering. I already had to rewrite it once because I left out a paragraph. (I wondered why it fit really nicely the first time I wrote it out.)

It’s an odd feeling creating something so very personal for a client. But I am really honored to have been asked. I just reallllllly don’t want to screw this up. (BTW, I blurred out their names for privacy.)

I’ll post progression as I go today and tomorrow. I have to hurry, this needs to be done by Hanukkah for a gift. No pressure! (Yeah, right.)

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  1. what a cool project 🙂 it’s beautiful so far, and btw i’m in LOVE with your blue on blue with white works x

  2. Thanks! I am working at inking in the black lines as we speak. I’m hoping I will be done later tonight. *fingers crossed* I’ll take a pic as son as the black lines are in. 🙂

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