Pages 11/29/10

Here’s the final scan of the artwork with color for my client. I think it turned out nice. There’s alot of gold leaf added on the stars … tiny dots of gold all over.

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  1. wow, how beauuuuuuutiful this is! well done x

  2. Aww thanks!! It was alot of fun. 😉

  3. Very original, looks nice!
    Do you use crayons, or..?
    Regards from Sheila

  4. Thank you! I do all the lines in ink and then use watercolors built up over several washes. Then on top a 14 carat goldleaf pen was used at the client’s request.

  5. Hmm.. Very inspiring – I’ve never tried to use watercolor more than once, on a piece of work. But actually it seems to work very well, indeed! :o)

  6. Thank you! With watercolor it’s just practice – getting to know the specific colors and what they do when you apply the paint. Also, using really good watercolors and really good porous watercolor paper helps. Better supplies with watercolor truly helps, I believe. 😉

  7. I really really love this. It’s very inspiring. ♥

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