Pages 1/7/12

This is a sketch I did on a paper grocery bag. I’m adding it as a tip-in page into the altered book. I find tip-ins a good way to use the doodles I create while on the phone. Some of them can be pretty cool!

Page illustration. My book theme is ‘Lyrica Obscura’. The words are ‘What shape does the silence have?’ This line is from the song, ‘The Headphonist, by Kinky.
Altered book pages with collage bordering added.

I am slowly making progress on my altered book. I’m starting to add collage to the borders, and making some tip-ins to add some interesting papers and doodles. It kind of bulks up the book too since I have to have it ready to mail in a few weeks. I’m working on the cover next, trying to figure out a closure that will be adjustable enough to work if the book gets really bulky.