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Illustration Friday – SIMPLE
Ladies and Gentlemen. Watch as the crazy lady’s head spins. Sit back and enjoy the show.
NOTHING IS SIMPLE. Can just ONE day go smoothly?
Just one simple, happy, cool day? ONE?

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  1. COoool illo!! Love the detail and color!

  2. Nice job! Very detailed!

  3. most awsome colors love your style and use of words in your composition again great stuff

  4. This is so funny, a gorgeous illustration, and the colors, uuummmm

  5. sweet illo! diggin your style, bold design and colors.

  6. colors, design, words…..
    This is soo great.
    I love your style.

  7. Love your style!

  8. I dig your art style. Really cool stuff.

  9. Lol, we seem to have the same Mantra 🙂
    Great style!

  10. Hhahaaa, you sound like me also!Great energy in your piece 🙂

  11. Yeah I know that feeling.
    Nice and bright work you have!
    I love it!

    • susan
    • February 17, 2006

    I glanced at this a few hours ago and it’s been popping back in to my mind like a catchy song whenever things I thought would be simple weren’t. I’m a stay-home parent and so there’s a lot of things I think will be simple that aren’t. Stuff like getting out of the house for an appointment in three-quarters of an hour with all the members of the party still wearing all their clothes. Nothing is simple. Thank you.

  12. Hey thanks everyone. Really appreciate it.

    • Sal
    • March 2, 2006

    another favourite! How can I have so many favourites with your work? Eh? Eh? 😉


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